New Pokemon Snap

It may have taken more than 20 years, but Pokémon fans were finally treated to a new Pokémon Snap game last year, aptly called, well... New Pokémon Snap. Those who checked it out for themselves will already know that the game follows in the footsteps of the N64 original, expanding upon the ideas found in the series' first title with bigger areas to explore, new tricks to try, and more.

Following the N64 original's release, we've often felt that new Nintendo hardware could have been perfect for a new title – the 3DS and its actual cameras? The Wii U with its GamePad and TV setup? – but it was the Switch that ended up getting the nod. In an interview with Famitsu, The Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara reveals that discussions did indeed take place with the release of "every new generation of consoles". Thanks to Nintendo Everything for the translations:

"With the release of every new generation of consoles, be it the GameCube or Wii, we discussed making a sequel. Taking photos has become something we do every day and its novelty isn’t what it once was, so it was a difficult concept to design a game around. There was a lot of debate about how the gimmick would work, which made it difficult to start development.

This game was the fruits of many years of trial and error. We finally found a concept that made sense on Nintendo Switch and made it."

In the same interview, the game's director Haruki Suzaki mentioned that after such a long time away, it was considered whether or not Pokémon Snap's core concept should be changed. Thankfully for fans wanting more of the same, it was decided that the original game's concept should return:

"It’s been more than 20 years since the Nintendo 64 release of Pokemon Snap and the problem we faced was whether or not we should change the game’s core concept. It was a great opportunity for us; reflecting on the game proved to have a big influence on development. The more I heard about what happened during development of the last game, the more it reaffirmed our decision to stick with the original game’s concept. From there, it was finding things within the core concept we could expand on to better suit today’s market."

Have you played New Pokémon Snap on Switch? Did you enjoy your time with it? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to check out our full guide to the game if you need a bit of help tracking down some of the more elusive pics.

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