GungHo Online Entertainment has announced that Hatsune Miku, global star of the virtual world, will soon be coming to Ninjala.

She arrives in-game as part of her Magical Mirai 2021 tour, as revealed in Ninjala's latest dev diary which you can watch above. The event begins on 6th October and will run for an entire month, bringing music, outfits and more as detailed below:

  • 6 Outfits: Miku’s Magical Mirai 2021 outfit, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, and Sakura Miku
  • BGMs: “Senbonzakura,” “ROKI,” “Just Be Friends,” and a mystery song to be revealed later!
  • Emotes: “PoPiPo,” “Alien Alien,” and “Mikumiku Ni Shiteageru”
  • 3 Utsusemi: Utsusemi! Hachune Miku, Utsusemi! KAITO, and Utsusemi! MEIKO
  • 3 IPPON decorations: Magical Mirai 2021, Sakura Miku, and a decoration of all your favorite virtual singers together
  • 2 Ninja-Gums: IPPON Katana and Chewing V
  • 8 Stickers featuring Hatsune Miku and other popular virtual singers
  • 2 Costumes: T-shirt and Happi coat

Here's a look at some of those avatar outfits:

On top of this, it's also been revealed that Ninjala will host a GOEMON Matsuri event at the same time, and eager players can jump into a one-day Meiji Petit Gum Cup on 26th September for a chance to win some special commemorative IPPON decorations.

Have you been enjoying your time with Ninjala? Remember, the game's horror season kicks off next week!