Bandai Namco's Tales Of series last December celebrated its 25th anniversary. Yep, it's actually been around for that long now! It all started out on the Super Famicom in December 1995, and since then the series has continued to thrive.

There's been mainline entries, sequels and even spin-offs. Arguably the best entry is still the 2003 release, Tales of Symphonia, which at the time arrived first on the Nintendo GameCube. And if sales are anything to go by, perhaps it's true.

During a live stream on its official Tales Of YouTube channel, Bandai Namco revealed the best-selling Tales games of all-time worldwide and Symphonia topped the list. Based on each region, Symphonia was the best-selling entry in North America, Tales of Destiny topped Japan's local list and Tales of Zestiria led in Europe. You can see the full results for each region over on Gematsu.

A number of years ago, the Tales series producer put Symphonia's success down to multiple factors. One was it being the first entry to be rendered in 3D polygons, and the other was that the developers had "a lot of support from Nintendo" at the time, allowing Namco to reach a broader audience.

  1. Tales of Symphonia – 2,400,000 units
  2. Tales of Vesperia – 2,370,000 units
  3. Tales of Destiny – 1,720,000 units
  4. Tales of Zestiria
  5. Tales of Berseria
  6. Tales of Phantasia
  7. Tales of the Abyss
  8. Tales of Eternia
  9. Tales of Xillia
  10. Tales of Destiny 2

How do you rate the above list? Did you contribute to Tales of Symphonia's global sales? If you're keen for some Tales action on the Switch, you can always try out Tales of Vesperia.

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