The Blizzard 30 Year Celebration
Image: Blizzard

If you're interested in purchasing the Blizzard Arcade Collection for your Nintendo Switch, you might want to consider Blizzard's 30-year celebration collection instead.

This pack not only includes Blizzard's new retro arcade collection but also a cache of commemorative in-game content for Overwatch and Diablo III. Keep in mind you'll need to own both of these games in order to make use of the items.

"StarCraft's rebellious marshal, Jim Raynor, is touching down in Overwatch as the Raynhardt Legendary skin for Reinhardt, bringing with him a supply drop of Classic Loot Boxes, Golden Loot Boxes (which include a guaranteed Legendary), along with a commemorative 30th anniversary icon and spray."

This bundle unlocks the following items in Overwatch when you purchase the Blizzard 30-Year Celebration Collection:

  • Blizzard's 30th Anniversary Portrait
  • Blizzard's 30th Anniversary Spray
  • "Raynhardt" Reinhardt (Legendary)
  • 5 Classic Loot Boxes
  • 3 Golden Loot Boxes

"Diablo’s Dark Wanderer again seeks the east. Adopt the guise of Tristram’s fallen warrior in Diablo III with a terrifyingly familiar transmog set, wings, pet, and portrait."

This bundle unlocks the following items in Diablo III when you purchase the Blizzard 30-Year Celebration Collection:

  • Terror Unleashed Wings
  • The Dark Murglrrr Pet
  • Dark Wanderer Portrait
  • The Wanderer's Transmog Set

Once again, you'll need to own Overwatch and Diablo III to unlock these items. If you do take up this offer, it'll cost $29.99. That's $10.00 more than the Blizzard Arcade Collection by itself.

Will you be celebrating 30 years of Blizzard Entertainment with this slighter bigger collection with bonus goodies? Leave a comment down below.