Peach & Mario
Image: Daniel Cortes

No, Cuphead still isn't in Smash Bros. - he's only a Mii costume for now - but artist Daniel Cortes has imagined a world where Smash Bros. is in Cuphead instead.

As part of a daily challenge to himself, Cortes is drawing every single Smash Bros. character in the signature art style of Cuphead, based on 1930s "rubberhose" cartoons. He's only on day 18 so far, which means he's covered some of the big hitters - Mario, Luigi, Peach and friends - and he's now making his way through some of the weirder Smash Bros. inclusions, like Simon Belmont from Castlevania and Ridley from Metroid.

Check out a small selection of Cortes' work below, or go to his Twitter page to keep up with the daily posts.