Lego City Undercover

Just days after it was discovered that a number of DSiWare games had vanished from the eShop, and following the confirmation that Netflix will soon be discontinued across Wii U and 3DS, it's now come to our attention that two LEGO City: Undercover games have also been entirely removed from Nintendo's digital store.

Both LEGO City: Undercover (Wii U) and LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins (Nintendo 3DS) have been delisted from their respective stores, meaning they're no longer available to purchase. LEGO City: Undercover's newer Switch port will remain available, as explained in this statement from Nintendo which confirms that the two titles were actually taken down last month.

As of December 22, 2020, the LEGO City: Undercover game for the Wii U system and the LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins game for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems will no longer be available for purchase on Nintendo eShop. LEGO City: Undercover for the Nintendo Switch system will continue to be available.

If you've already purchased a digital version of either of these two titles on Wii U and 3DS, you should still be able to play them with no issues. If you were hoping to one day buy a copy, though, you'll now need to resort to tracking down a used physical version.

Welp, that's two more games gone for good, then.

Thanks to Thraxmo for the tip!