If the recently-announced Katy Perry collaboration isn't quite your thing, The Pokémon Company has now revealed that it will also be releasing some iconic Pokémon cards from years gone by as part of its 25th-anniversary celebrations.

Designs that were originally released as part of the Base Set, the very first expansion of Pokémon cards that burst onto the scene 20-odd years ago, will once again see the light of day as part of a brand new collection. PokéGuardian reports that there will be eight 'First Partner Packs' released between February and October featuring Starter Pokémon from all regions.

The packs are made up of oversized cards, but also come with two regular Pokémon Trading Card Game booster packs. They're set to be made available at participating retailers worldwide.

Pokemon TCGThe Pokémon Company

Just glancing at those Kanto Starter Pokémon cards has us remember far simpler, happier times. Will you be adding these to your collection? Let us know in the comments.

[source twitter.com, via pokeguardian.com]