Among Us
Image: Innersloth

Fluffy cats!! All your friends are aliens and they want to kill you. Adorable creatures!! Existential horror. Did that Indie-themed direct leave you with emotional whiplash? Yeah, us too.

On the one hand, a whole host of cuteness is coming to the Switch: Calico has you running a cat café (we hope cats tip big) and Fisti-fluffs is all about punching cats (but you're also a cat, so it's ok). Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is an animal-rescuing, environment-saving game set in a lovely, sunny beachside town, and Hoa is a Ghibli-esque platforming game about a teeny-tiny adventurer.

But don't let your guard down yet, unless you want to get stabbed in the back. Betrayal games are the new hotness, it would seem: between the, ah, fairly popular Among Us and the Werewolf-inspired Gnosia, there are going to be a lot of ways to get suspicious that all your friends are secretly monsters. Or not-so-secretly, depending on how well they lie.

Then there's the hand-drawn survival game, Trash Sailors – nominally a game about co-operation – but anyone who's ever tried to do a group project knows that relying on other people is dangerous. Will any of us ever be able to trust again?

Image: Peachy Keen Games

We also saw the new meet the old. Goofy drone-piloting game Kosmokrats promises futuristic adventures in space (accompanied by Bill Nighy, for some reason), while Yacht Club's Cyber Shadow offers old-school graphics and Metroid-style shooty platforming. Whether you yearn for the days of SNES gaming or can't wait to shoot yourself to Mars with Elon Musk and Justin Bieber, there's something for everyone!

If you'd prefer to stay right where you are and fix the present, you may appreciate the environmentally-minded Alba: A Wildlife Adventure or fix-em-up adventure Hazel Sky, both of which focus on the gradual betterment of the place you're already in, and how to connect with the people and the creatures that already dwell there.

There's an interesting duality between Finding Paradise – a game about jumping into someone else's memories and sifting through dusty nostalgia – and When The Past Was Around, a game about a girl who's forgotten everything about her past, and how that might actually be a good thing. What's better: letting go, or holding on? You'll probably have to buy both to figure out the answer.

So, all in all: good news for cat-lovers, friend-betrayers, and fans of both future and past. Bad news for those of us hoping for dog games. Ah well. We can always play Phogs! some more.