Switch Eshop

Update: Nintendo has issued a corrected press statement which explains the service will launch with 400 games, not 700 as was previously reported.

Nintendo has announced that the Switch eShop will finally be up and running in Brazil next week, giving fans legitimate access to hundreds of digital titles on the platform for the first time.

The service will be going live on Monday 7th December at 9pm Brasília Time, at which time Switch owners in Brazil will be able to start purchasing games and additional downloadable content onto their consoles. A free system update will go live at the very same time, so make sure your console's up-to-date before trying to log on.

It may well have been a long wait – the Switch itself only launched in Brazil a few months ago, years after its initial worldwide release – but the good news is that Brazilian fans will be treated to an eShop that has more than 700 games to choose from on day one. [Update: Now incorrect, see above].

Bill van Zyll, Director and General Manager of Latin America at Nintendo of America, promises that the company intends to "increase the library of games for the Nintendo Switch available on the Nintendo eShop, thus offering options for all types of players." Expect plenty more titles to be added in the future, then.

[source time24.news]