BAFTA-winning studio Ustwo Games might be best known for their gorgeous, mobile-friendly offerings — from the Escher-tastic Monument Valley to their latest release, Assemble With Care — but now they're making their way to the Nintendo Switch for the first time with Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.

Alba is a departure from the normal fare of Ustwo, but a welcome one, drawing inspiration from summer holidays, childhood memories, and the pre-pandemic days when going to the beach wasn't semi-illegal. Exploring a sunny, yet polluted island (Super Mario Sunshine flashbacks, anyone?), the titular Alba is a young girl on a quest to rescue dolphins from fishing nets, fix broken bridges, and scrub some mysterious goo off a squirrel. It's the environmentally-friendly summer hols we never had, probably because we were too busy playing N64 in our bedrooms with the curtains drawn instead.

Good news for those of you who feel bad playing a game about saving the environment without actually, you know, saving the environment: Ustwo Games plans to plant a tree for every copy of Alba you buy! (Buy one, get one tree?)

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure will be out in Spring 2021, which means it'll probably arrive during all the pants weather we usually get. No price yet, but the Steam version is £10.79 right now (which includes a 20% launch discount) and £13 when it's not on sale. Check out the trailer above!