This week sees the launch of YesterMorrow on Nintendo Switch, a brand new 2D adventure platformer with a time-travelling twist.

You'll be following the story of heroine Yui, who finds herself journeying into the past and navigating parallel timelines to save her family. It blends classic 2D platforming with action sequences and puzzle elements, with players having to overcome obstacles and access hidden locations in what sounds like a pretty thought-provoking quest.

Her world: destroyed. Her family: kidnapped. Join our heroine Yui in a desperate attempt to save everything she loved! Intent on helping the remaining survivors and freeing her family from the clutches of Shadows, what she discovers along the way will leave her with a difficult choice: what will she choose when the fate of her world and the Order of Timekeepers rests in her hands?

Through her journey, Yui will:
- Learn the mysteries of Everlight that will grant her the power to wield special abilities and cleanse the world from the Shadows.
- Traverse across two different timelines, enjoying the serene calmness of the past and battling her way through the corrupted world of the future.
- Explore the vast world of YesterMorrow, spanning four distinct islands: visit lush forests, abandoned deserts, hardened icy tundras and finally, the Island of Time, where she will fight to change the fate of her world!
- Encounter dozens of colourful creatures and take on challenging bosses.
- Solve puzzles and find new ways to use the environment to her advantage!
- Locate hidden areas, collecting power ups and lore entries detailing the world and its inhabitants.
- Pet all the animals!

YesterMorrow launches on Switch on 5th November priced at £16.19 / $19.99. If you decide to pick it up at launch, you'll benefit from a tasty 25 discount, however, taking that price down to £12.14.

Does this look like your sort of thing? Will you be picking it up later this week? Tell us below.