Collectable Triforce
Image: MrCheeze_

Back in the olden days when we first played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there were theories going around that the Triforce--the iconic three-part symbol of Power, Courage and Wisdom from the series--was actually a collectable item in the game. It's one of those gaming myths that has become legend over time, but despite years of searching, nobody has ever got their hands on the sacred artefact of the gods.

However, dataminers working on the recently (and illegally) leaked Nintendo development materials have uncovered another nugget of information that may shed some light on this potent urban legend.

As detailed by Gaming Reinvented, dataminer MrCheeze_ on Twitter has uncovered an image in a folder that clearly shows the Triforce icon. The data was found close to the image data for the medallions that Link collects in the game, and it's suggested that the name of the file may indicate Nintendo's intention at some point during development for the divine trinket to be obtainable:

However, before we all go throwing our tinfoil hats in the air like it's graduation day at Conspiracy High, it should be noted that the file holds no colour data and that the icon looks almost identical to the final in-game ''carved' version found in the pause menu, as noted by Mr Cheeze:

Elsewhere, MrCheeze notes the names of extra elemental arrows not present in the final game, including 'Dark' and 'Soul' arrows (yep!), and also points out that the internal dev name for the Spirit Temple was the "Giant Evil God" dungeon.

So, is this Triforce business some great and grand revelation of the truth, or a bit of a stretch? We've definitely seen some fascinating discoveries over the past few weeks, even if some had been confirmed by the developers years ago. Let us know your thoughts on this one below.