Detective Pikachu Game

Last May, The Pokémon Company president and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara announced a follow-up to the 3DS title Detective Pikachu would be released on the Nintendo Switch.

In an attempt to ship "the next game" with a top end experience, Creatures Inc. lead UI/UX designer, Dave Gibson (who is working on Detective Pikachu's second game), wants to know what user interface and user experience "mistakes" drive players "absolutely mad" in Pokémon games.

Gibson says fan feedback is "invaluable" and will lock the thread around 9 am JST tomorrow so he can start to collect data. So far there's been more than 800 replies. A lot are related to the mainline series and recent entries, Sword and Shield.

He even replied to one user requesting more easily accessible audio, control and visual options:

“Trust me when I say I’m very focused on accessibility on Detective Pikachu. I whole heartedly agree that all games need to focus more on this.”

What drives you bonkers about the UI and UX in the Pokémon games? Feel free to share your thoughts down below, or send a message directly to David via @AJapaneseDream.