Shovel Knight - Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Earlier this year, Yacht Club games revealed it would be moving on from Shovel Knight's original outing after six years of development. Although the company hasn't made any official announcements yet, at least one project in the pipeline seems to be 3D.

Gamasutra's Job Board has issued a reminder of this - advertising a position for a mid-senior gameplay programmer at Yacht Club Games.

Yacht Club Games is working on a new 3D project and is building out our 3D team (and custom engine) to complement our existing 2D team. We are on the lookout to hire a capable mid to senior level gameplay programmer with a desire to build great gameplay experiences in a small, team-centered environment!

This same job listing originally appeared on the Yacht Club Games' website at the end of last year (thanks, Nintendo Enthusiast). Notably, Yacht Club is "building out" its 3D team and "custom engine" to help complement its existing 2D team.

In February of this year, director Sean Velasco said the team had begun internal development on two new projects - and teased a brand new IP that was sure to interest fans of Shovel Knight. Prior to this, in an interview with GamesBeat, Velasco said a 3D game was the next "logical step" for Yacht Club.

"We love 3D action games. We want to make a big 3D game at some point. But in order to make a big 3D game, I think first you have to make a small 3D game. Or just something that’s smaller, some kind of in-between."

Would you be interested in a 3D game from Yacht Club? Share your thoughts down below.