The Super Smash Bros. gang might enjoy throwing, kicking, and Falcon Punching each other into oblivion in their spare time, but it turns out that they also know how to look after each other, too.

Twitter user @gleed_ssb has taken on the almighty task of Photoshopping masks onto each and every character in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Obviously inspired by current global events, the designs are also unique to each character, not only in shape and size - Piranha Plant has a big mouth - but also in their decoration.

You can see them in a slideshow in the tweet below, or view them in their full, high-res glory over on Imgur. We'll share just a few of them below.

In a follow-up tweet, @gleed_ssb was asked why they decided to still put masks on characters like Samus and Olimar, who already have helmets on. They replied, “So they can get into Costco.”

Everyone needs to shop for groceries, and everyone can play their part in keeping each other safe - even fictional Nintendo superstars. These look pretty great, huh?

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