The Medium
Image: Bloober Team

During Microsoft's recent Xbox showcase, Bloober Team – the studio behind Observer, Layers of Fear and Blair Witch – revealed its next project, called The Medium.

This unique horror title was one of the most interesting titles to be shown and uses a 'dual reality' system which means the player is working through two entirely distinct worlds at the same time. It's a truly groundbreaking approach (a sort of real-time take on the Light and Dark worlds seen in Zelda: Link to the Past) but it would appear that Bloober Team has been working on this concept for quite some time – almost 10 years, actually.

Back in 2012, many video game sites received mysterious phone calls which played a recorded message that asked:

Snooping at the time revealed that Blobber Team was behind the domain related to the project, which was intended for release on the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Vita, Xbox 360, PC, Android and iOS. Even back then, the game was described as having a “completely new model of gameplay”. The domain listed at the time ( now redirects to the new game.

We imagine that the tech of the period wasn't quite up to the task of fulfilling the ambition of the team, but it would have been interesting to see Medium appear on Wii U all the same. Perhaps the dual reality concept could have been spread across the two screens?

Thanks to JTTS for the tip!