Zelda: Link's Awakening is one of the most beloved titles in the series, and was recently remade for the Nintendo Switch with 3D visuals and enhanced features.

However, Kibou Entertainment – the developers behind the upcoming Timothy And The Mysterious Forest, which is coming to Switch this year thanks to publisher Gamera Interactive – clearly feel that the old-school look is part of the game's charm, as they've created a title which pays tribute to that classic monochrome look.

Described as a mix of Game Boy graphics, meta-narrative, stealth and real-time combat, it's being made pretty clear on the point that Link's Awakening was a key inspiration, and the Game Boy release is even name-checked in the promotional material.

However, it would seem that Timothy And The Mysterious Forest – which is already available on Steam and is also coming to Japan this summer – rewards a more methodical approach than Zelda; "keeping a slow pace" is apparently the best tactic here. The lead character is "basically defenceless" and dies from a single hit.

His quest is to save his grandfather from a fatal illness by venturing into the titular forest and finding the magic mushroom (no, not that kind) which will cure the disease. Packed with ruins, graveyards and caves, the forest is full of danger – and, as the developers note, is also home to characters who are "often mean or clearly driven by not-so-nice feelings." Three different endings will offer longevity.

We have to say, although the art style is clearly very, very close to that of Link's Awakening, the game looks interesting – will you be taking the plunge when it hits Switch this summer?

[source nintendoeverything.com]