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Like the real world, certain items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are constantly in-demand. While it's hard to say exactly what the most popular items and pieces of furniture in the game are, Polygon was able to get an idea of at least the most prized ones thanks to external marketplaces online.

According to the leading Animal Crossing marketplace on the net - Nookazon - the top spot goes to the Nook Miles Ticket. This is followed by the Cutting Board, Ironwood dresser, Crescent-moon chair, and in fifth place was fish bait. As the source points out, the cutting board is a "necessary crafting material" if you want to obtain the ironwood kitchenette - one of the most "sought-after" pieces of furniture.

Over on the online marketplace Nook.Market, players are also on the hunt for cool and cute things to decorate their homes with. The top five most purchased items on this buying, trading, and selling site were the Cute Bed, Soft-serve Lamp, Pinball Machine, Floor Light, and Cute DIY Table.

It's also worth pointing out that these marketplaces do not use real-world money. Each transaction is done with Bells (the in-game currency) or Nook Miles. Have you bought any of these items from one of these marketplaces before? Tell us below.