Micropsia Games has announced that The Watchmaker, a platform-adventure full of puzzles and time travel, will be launching on Nintendo Switch this October.

The game has players taking on the role of Alexander, who must use his engineering skills to navigate "gigantic environments". The game consists of five worlds in total, with giant bosses to fight and special powers to unlock.

Alexander has a magnetic glove which allows him to transport objects in the air, and a second device on his back sounds even more intriguing. Get a load of this official blurb:

In The Watchmaker the pace of time will be one more enemy to beat, and we will have to collect hourglasses to reverse the relentless aging of our hero. The device that Alexander carries on his back shows a marker with his age: if he exceeds 90 he will die helplessly.

Fortunately, the time break offers some advantages: we will be able to slow down the pace of time to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. You can even dodge death when you take a bad jump and fall into the void: you can "rewind" the action for a few precious seconds to get a second chance.

The game's launching on Switch on 8th October.

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