Update: Backers of Wonderful 101: Remastered on Switch have now been sent a link to a specific help page created by The Yetee, the company PlatinumGames has partnered with to manage reward fulfilment. If you're still missing your code for the Switch version of the game, you're advised to head to that page.

If you're wondering how the game stacks up on Switch, you can read our review (spoilers: we enjoyed it).

Original Story (Sun 10th May, 2020 12:30 BST): A few days ago, PlatinumGames began sending out Switch codes for The Wonderful 101: Remastered. While most Kickstarter backers were able to redeem and play the game, a number of people reported receiving blank codes, and others received ones that wouldn't allow them to play the game immediately.

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Below is an example of a blank code. As you can see, PlatinumGames acknowledged this slight mishap - explaining it had "identified the cause of the error situation" and got the "codes out properly" right away:

PlatinumGames W101 Code
Image: Twitter

A week before this, Platinum announced the retail release of the game had been pushed back to 30th June in America and 3rd July in Europe due to the coronavirus outbreak. Physical backers may also not receive their copy of the game until after the retail release. The developer estimates it will start shipping backer versions in "late" June.

Did you have any problems redeeming your code? Did you back a physical copy of the game? Tell us below.

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