After a string of listings appeared online, 2K finally made it official in March - announcing three collections for the Nintendo Switch. These include the XCOM 2 Collection, the Borderlands Legendary Collection, and last but not least BioShock: The Collection.

If you thought this was a one-time thing for 2K, think again. In an interview with Famitsu, the publisher's chief creative Sami Thessman said the company wanted to continue releasing games on Nintendo's hybrid platform in the future. Here's his full comment (thanks, Oni_Dino):

I can’t tell you all about our business strategies, but what I can say is we at 2K consider our relationship with Nintendo to be extremely important. We really want to keep releasing games for Nintendo Switch moving forward.

Apart from a future NBA 2K release, it's hard to say what other games the publisher might consider bringing to Nintendo's latest generation of hardware. Whatever it is, though, you'll probably have to clear up some space, as most of its releases seem to require sizable downloads and plenty of storage.

What other games from 2K's library would you like to see on the Switch? Make a request down below.