Team17 and Blacklight Interactive have revealed that Golf With Your Friends, a multiplayer mini-golf game, will be launching on Switch next month.

It'll be teeing off on 19th May, but you can actually go ahead and pre-purchase the game from the eShop as we speak. If you do, you'll receive ‘The Caddy Pack’ downloadable content which includes a selection of hats and floaties for further ball customisation.

Up to 12 players can join up for some mini-golf fun, and there's even a course based on Team17's very own Worms franchise. Check out the feature list below:

Key Features
Friendly competition: Players can ‘putt’ their skills to the test against 11 people in online multiplayer.
- Golf, with a view: Normal golf greens are so last year, Golf With Your Friends offers more than 10 unique courses, each with their own theme and location, including one based on the iconic Team17 franchise, Worms.
- Super-powered golf: Players can hinder their friends progress with powerups available in custom game modes. Throw down honey, turn their ball into a square, or freeze them on the spot to take the lead and drive a wedge between friends.
- Multiple game modes: Sometimes golf is just golf, and sometimes it’s golf with a basketball hoop or a hockey goal – both game modes are available alongside the classic mini golf mode.
- Fabulous golf: Rock the fairway in style, with unlockable skins, hats and trails for the golf balls.

It's available to pre-order right now for £14.99 / $19.99 / €19.99.

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