Thunderful Games has announced that it's bringing Curious Expedition, a 'roguelike expedition sim', to Switch this April. Developer Maschinen-Mensch's game released on PC back in 2016 and the Switch version arrives on the 2nd April, sandwiched cosily between the PS4 and Xbox One releases.

As you can see from the trailer above, the game is set in the 19th century and sees you teaming up with 'famous personalities' to head heroically into uncharted regions of a prodedurally generated world in search of magic, mystery, money - all the Ms. The game currently holds a 'Very Positive' rating on Steam and boasts several awards, so this could definitely be one to look out for.

Here are a few salient points and features highlighted in the official PR blurb, followed by some screenshots:

- Experience your very own adventure through a procedural story which makes every game unique
- Explore procedurally generated worlds, each with its own distinctive set of challenges for the ambitious explorer
- Plan and equip your trek, as a good explorer is always prepared for any eventuality

The game releases on 2nd April for $14.99 / 14,99€ (and we assume the equivalent in GBP) and we'll have a review for it with you as soon as we possibly can, so look out for it.

We've heard good things from PC players. Have you played this? Let us know if this excites your passion for exploration and roguelikes below.