Today sees the launch of Dead Cells' highly anticipated The Bad Seed DLC, and the folks over at Motion Twin have released a wonderful animated trailer to celebrate.

The new DLC is available to pick up as we speak for $4.99, amazingly acting as the seventeenth update to the game overall. The Bad Seed introduces players to an additional path to take, sporting all-new optional biomes, granting them new weapons, and plonking them in front of dangerous new enemies. Here's some PR:

With two new biomes inhabited by their own distinctive bestiary, The Arboretum, a lush paradise to deceivingly adorable creatures, and The Swamp, where an overgrown arboreal settlement inhabited by ambushing blow gunners and spear wielders is your only escape from the gargantuan purple ticks that reign uncontested on the ground. Bleh.

Triumphing over the numerous perils means you will be rewarded with a conceptually unique armoury, including the first double slot weapon as well as a very dedicated and loyal mushroom companion. Of course, vengeance visited upon the monsters and conquering the challenging new biomes that once slowed you down is its own reward, but a few new weapons never hurt anybody.

Today has also brought news of a glorious Dead Cells - Prisoner's Edition courtesy of Signature Edition Games. You can check it out and grab your own right here - as well as enter our competition to win one.

We'll leave you with this gameplay trailer for The Bad Seed, should you want to check out exactly what you'll be getting up to.