In 2012, EA and Bioware released Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U. Now, the series is finally making its return to a Nintendo system. Instead of a game release, though, a Mass Effect-themed Mash-Up Pack for Mojang's hit title Minecraft has been released (again), this time on the Minecraft Marketplace.

This one is similar to previous packs – adding in new themed locations (such as the Mars Base Camp), and a total of 36 new skins from the original trilogy series. You can play as Shepard, Liara, the Illusive Man, Garrus and even Krogans. This mash-up pack also includes custom-made textures, Mass Effect-style menus, and an appropriately-themed soundtrack, based on the third entry in the series.

Here's a bit extra from the Minecraft website:

I’m Commander Shephard and this my favorite mash-up pack on the Citadel

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