Indie sensation Untitled Goose Game could get its very own LEGO set, but you'll have to put your mouse clicking where your mouth is to turn that dream into a reality.

A LEGO set idea based on the popular game has been submitted to LEGO Ideas, a website which allows fans to share their very own ideas for new LEGO products. This particular design was shared by user A Fellow Player and was selected as a 'Staff Pick' by LEGO's editorial team.

As well as the titular goose and a Minifigure of the groundskeeper, A Fellow Player's idea contains props for jam, an apple, a sprinkler, a Goose Sign, a rose bush, a carrot, loose foliage, a spoon, a shovel, a sun hat, a hammer, an ice chest, and a key. Phew!

Any creation submitted to LEGO Ideas has the chance to be properly developed into a real set if it accumulates 10,000 votes of support. At the time of writing, the design has 446, but it has over a year to reach that 10,000 goal. If you'd like to see LEGO consider the idea, make sure to cast your vote.

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