Launching in Q1 2020 on Nintendo Switch is Hayfever, a new platformer with an unusual protagonist.

You'll be taking on the role of Thomas, a postman who just wants to get on with his life and deliver mail. Sadly for him, a giant hayfever-induced sneeze has scattered all 240 of his letters across 140 perilous locations (we've all been there) and it's up to you to help him retrieve them.

Thankfully, his sneezing can actually come in handy. You can use this skill(?) to propel Thomas through the air whenever pollen's around, dodging the giant bees, scarecrows and spikes as you go on the hunt for each and every letter. The game has apparently been designed to be "a challenge for all", with extra goals and secret rewards waiting for those who want to put in the time.

Here's a quick feature list:

- A fast-paced, challenging platformer with cute & squishy pixel-art.
- Who needs double-jumping? Touch pollen to sneeze through the air.
- Gain other strange new powers from smog and other allergens.
- 140 levels across four seasons, and 240 optional collectibles to find.
- Designed for speed. Master its movement and fly through the levels.
- A toe-tapping, whimsical soundtrack by Knasibas.

The moral of the story, then? Nothing can hold you back from being a hero, even if you propel snot everywhere. Lovely.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this one in the comments below. Will you be keeping an eye out for it?