Launching today on Nintendo Switch is It's Raining Fists And Metal, a music and rhythm-based brawler that dials things up to eleven.

With similarities to classic arena brawlers like Super Smash Bros., the game has up to four players battling it out on the same screen, attempting to deal enough damage and then hit them with enough force to send them flying off the stage.

This time, though, you'll be fighting in time with the music to kick opponents off stage and to protect yourself from incoming attacks. Items such as guitar amps and various instruments can also mix things up in the heat of battle, and there's even a Final Smash-like feature called a 'final attack', where you can unleash a devastating guitar solo to thrash your enemies.

Main features:
- 1 to 4 players on the same screen
- Play with friends or against the computer
- Dominate your opponents moshing and fighting them to the beat of the Metal to throw them off stage
- Play many different metal tracks composed specifically for the game
- Select your guitarist and customize his clothes and his instrument
- Play on different maps, each with unique power ups
- Adventure mode (Singleplayer and Co-OP)
- Unique characters with a defined personality

As noted above, this one's available today for £5.99. You can pick it up directly from the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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