One genre that's somewhat underrepresented on the Switch is FPS. More recently, we've got games like Overwatch and Alien: Isolation, but the pickings are still considerably slim compared to the number of first-person shooters available on other platforms. Fortunately, by the end of this month, there'll be at least one more to select from on Nintendo's hybrid platform and it's called Hypercharge: Unboxed.

This upcoming release is a bright and colourful FPS that takes place in your typical suburban household and draws inspiration from Toy Story, Small Soldiers and perhaps even certain entries in the Army Men series. You take control of a 5-inch tall soldier as you fight off wave after wave of enemies in bedrooms, bathrooms, gardens and more. Unlike various other shooters, though, you won't have to pay to unlock any other additional content in the game.

On the official Hypercharge: Unboxed Twitter account, the UK-based indie developer behind the game – Digital Cybercherries – revealed all of the game's updates would be entirely free and shared a full road map of the plans for the next four months after the game releases.

Hypercharge: Unboxed - Road Map

When you spend your hard-earned cash on a game, you shouldn't have to splash out even more on updates. Well guess what, you won't pay for our updates. Here is a breakdown of what we aim to have in-game this year.

As you can see above, these updates will add new characters, modes, maps, enemies, and weapons. There'll also be quality of life improvements and in March a demo will be made available.

Keep an eye out for our Nintendo Life review of Hypercharge: Unboxed, which goes live later today.