So, Netflix's Witcher series is now live, and while it has had some mixed reviews, the general reaction from viewers and fans appears to have been reasonably positive.

Star Henry Cavill has been doing plenty of interviews to promote the series, and has revealed that he got to keep Geralt's amazing costume after filming had wrapped:

I took it all (the costume) home. It's not so easy to put on, and it took two hours of hair and makeup every day, so that's just sitting at home looking cool.

Cavill is, as we know, a huge fan of the fantasy series – having been introduced via Witcher 3 – and the fact that he wanted to own the costume is understandable. However, he also revealed that he had a massive struggle with one element of the outfit:

The leather trousers … we had our struggles with those. It wasn’t getting them off or on. The problem is, leather stretches, and because Geralt leaps around, they end up not looking so flattering after a while. We had to redesign the trousers throughout to make them more suited to the sort of athleticism Geralt carries out on a daily basis.

But that's not all! Cavill also went into detail about how the infamous bathtub scene was filmed, and how he had to dehydrate himself for days on end. You can view the interview here, which features lots of bare chests (you have been warned).

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[source comicbook.com, via youtube.com]