If you're one our lovely site regulars, chances are you're pretty used to platformers where you have to go and save the princess from evil. Forget plumbers and giant fire-breathing turtle-things, though, because this one is all about adorable little kitties.

Strike Force Kitty is a "humorous light platformer" all about our favourite little fluffballs. You'll need to command a squad of four kittens to save an adorable princess, training up your little team of fighters with more than 350 costumes which will grant them superpowers. You'll find some pretty big bosses along the way, and if we're not mistaken, some of those costumes look incredibly like Pokémon. Give the trailer a watch (above).

Here's a feature list:

All about cute cats!
- Funny and easy to play!
- Over 350 costumes for your kittens!
- Sweet looking platformer with RPG features!
- Over 30 artifacts! Customize your kittens with super costumes!
- Big bosses galore!
- Navigate levels while searching for the ideal path!
- Over 100 team combination with special skills!
- Unique art, music, and animations with endless hours of fun!
-Available in 13 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian!

If you're liking the sound of this one, it's launching on Switch later this week on 29th November. You can pre-purchase it from the eShop as we speak for 20% off its usual $4.99 / 4.99€ price.

Cats > everything, right?