Horizon Chase Turbo is receiving a brand new slice of DLC on Nintendo Switch and other platforms today, as the 'Rookie Series' powerslides its way into the game for free.

As the name suggests, this new DLC is aimed at those who are particularly feeling the heat on the track, with younger and inexperienced racers being taught the basics in "a welcoming environment where they can evolve at their own pace".

There are no leaderboards or collectables to speak of here, with pure racing being at the heart of the new mode. It offers automatic upgrades as you progress through the campaign and players can also choose from four classic cars from the base game, unlocking new tracks by finishing each available race.

- A brand new Rookie car
- 24 selected races from the World Tour Mode (2 races per location)
- 12 cars racing in each track with a less aggressive AI (World Tour has 20 cars in each race)
- No leaderboards, collectible coins nor fuel management
- Finishing a race in any position unlocks the next track
- By finishing every race, the player gets a Golden Driver’s License

When you reach the end of Rookie Series, you’ll unlock a special Golden Driver’s License, so there's even an incentive for anyone who likes to 100% complete everything they touch.

Horizon Chase Turbo DLC

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