With Sarah Connor poised to return to cinemas in a new Terminator movie, talk of 'Judgment Day' is once again in the air. Luckily for developer Threaks and Wild River Games, the British Grammar Police - the most persistent, pernicious language enforcement force on the planet - won't have any cause to deploy countermeasures against Battle Planet - Judgement Day, a twin-stick roguelike shooter out on Switch today. As you can see, that second superfluous 'e' is present and correct in the game's title. Jolly good.

Spelling aside, the aim of this world-hopping game is simply to survive. You have a top-down view of your character from above each small planetoid which gives you a different perspective on the terrain than your standard twin-stick fare. Chasing enemies across procedurally generated planets, you'll blast through waves of the blighters until you've eradicated the alien threat in one star system and jump to the next for more of the same.

The obligatory upgrades appear to unlock along the way, and if all the fiendish alien enemies aren't good enough company, you can enlist a pal for some local co-op splitscreen play. Throw in some massive bosses and this could well make for a pleasant little co-op blast.

Forgetting the generic title for a moment, this looks like it could be fun. It looks refreshingly colourful, and the gimmick of the world rotating below you seems to offer something fresher than the name of the game might suggest. For $14.99 / £13.49, it may be worth a look if you're a fan of twin-stick shooters and blasting your way through waves of malevolent extraterrestrials.

Will you be suiting up with a mate and downloading this from the eShop today? Is that second British 'e' really a vital part of the word 'judgement'? Let us know your thoughts below.