Wondering just how 'big' Pokémon Sword and Shield are going to be? Well, here's an interesting little comparison for you.

As you may well already know, one of the game's new locations is the 'Wild Area', a vast, open bit of land which connects several towns and features plenty of Pokémon who wander around freely. It's one of the things we're most intrigued about as the new games approach, and a place that fans will no doubt spend countless time in.

Apparently, according to a Pokémon Company rep who spoke with Metro during a hands-on session, the Wild Area is about the size of two regions found within The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (which is an estimate, of course). You can see a not-quite-to-scale map of the new games' Galar region below; the Wild Area is the section quite near the bottom with the lakes.


In reality, of course, this doesn't really mean much at all - the 'size' of something isn't anywhere near as important as what a development team actually does with that in-game area - but it's still an interesting comparison nonetheless.

Incidentally, the games' file size was revealed earlier this week, although it's worth highlighting the fact that any file size comparisons can't really provide any hints towards how big a game's world might be.

[source metro.co.uk, via gonintendo.com]