Leroy GreenLeroy Green

When the Switch first launched back in 2017, Nintendo used the phrase "play anytime, anywhere, with anyone" almost everywhere you looked. It was, of course, trying to promote the idea that the console could be played in different modes, as well as from either the comfort of your own home or on your adventures out in the big wide world.

Now, most of us have likely played our Switches in a number of ways - therefore proving Nintendo's statement to be pretty spot on - but we doubt many of you have played it quite like this. Here's professional wrestler Leroy Green enjoying a bit of game time in the middle of a match; we don't know all that much about the sport here at Nintendo Life, but we're finally seeing something we can relate to.

As it happens, playing the Switch appears to be Leroy's 'thing', avoiding hits and pulling off dropkicks while still engrossed in his game. You'll often find him talking about "playing games and taking names" on social media.

Between us, we think the most extravagant bit of Switch time we've had is enjoying a friendly round of Snipperclips in a doctors surgery waiting room. Maybe we need to up our game?

Thanks to Riff-the-Don for the tip!