Pokemon Masters

After issuing an apology last Friday for not living up to community expectations, the producers of Pokémon Masters have now published an outline of the game's future updates.

This upcoming schedule is built around four areas of focus: insufficient content, lack of appealing rewards, difficulty/design, and poor usability. Each of these areas will be fixed over time.

Starting in November, there'll be reward adjustments and additions – with the team explaining:

To start, we are focusing on improving the rewards planned for upcoming events. We want to do something for everyone who is currently playing Pokémon Masters, even if it’s not a major change.

The number of non-paid gems given out monthly will also be increased. Then in December, there'll be:

Game balance adjustments (battle design); addition of events from which you can get sync pairs; co-op play improvements; and more display options for your sync pairs on the Dex screen.

The user interface, game performance and balance (battle design) will also be improved upon.

Looking ahead to 2020, the sync pair training system will be expanded in January:

To achieve our goal of allowing players to strengthen sync pairs in their own way, we are going to expand the ways you can develop and train your sync pairs. Training is an extremely important aspect of this game, so we’re working hard to ensure that we create a system that has a lot of depth. We will also revamp training events to make them more enjoyable.

This will be followed by new single-player content in February, and in March, the game will celebrate its six-month anniversary – with revamped story events to help show the bonds between Trainers and Pokémon.

As we continue to listen to feedback and work toward implementing these updates, there is always a possibility the above points may change. Ultimately, we will continue working toward delivering a game experience that players will enjoy.

For the full rundown, visit the official game site.

The next producer letter will be released on 7th November and is expected to go into more depth about the December update – covering the following areas: device temperature while playing the game, co-op battle pacing, battery consumption and load times.

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[source pokemonmasters-game.com, via nintendoeverything.com]