Welcome to this week's Box Art Brawl, the ongoing series where box art variants from around the world face off against one another to find out which is the fairest of them all. Who wins? You decide.

Last week we featured GoldenEye 007 and the world's best known (and therefore presumably worst) secret agent taking on the biggest threat he's ever faced: himself. Japanese Bond came in third after jumping majestically off the dam and forgetting to attach the bungee, which left British and American Bonds to duke it out atop the Cradle. While delivering a questionable one-liner, British Bond took a hit to the kumquats and plummeted to the concrete as his North American counterpart strolled off to meet Natalya in the chopper. Good show, old chap.

There'll be no Martinis or caviar today, though - this week we're gnawing on hunks of trashcan meat washed down with soda. We've got a real street brawler lined up in the form of Final Fight for Super Nintendo. It might not have been the complete arcade experience (most notably ejecting Guy and the two-player mode), but back in the day it was pretty incredible to have Final Fight at home in any form and this port holds great memories for a great many.

So, let's take a look at Cody and Haggar (but not Guy) and see how they shape up in each territory.



The eastern variant features a dynamic logo over a smashed brick wall and a piece of art in the bottom half showing Cody and Haggar about to brawl with a bunch of goons. Haggar prepares by screaming skyward while brandishing a metal pipe and Cody relishes the moment with a devilish grin; alternatively, he's grimacing in discomfort and wondering if today was really the best time to wear the tightest jeans he owns.

A screenshot appears above the title at a jaunty angle and the title is repeated in the blurb, but this cover certainly has impact.

North America


A classic face-off image, Haggar gets uncomfortably close up with a double-chinned adversary on the North American cover. The two figures are so well-drawn and striking that it's easy to miss the dudes throwing down in the background. That's probably for the best because those background figures don't stand up to much scrutiny - what's going on with the guy delivering the flying kick?

The title might not have the style of the Japanese version, but there's certainly no missing it against the bright yellow bar. Top it all off with the standard black border and accoutrements of the NA Super NES boxes (although the Capcom logo is switched for a generic alternative here) and you've got something that's going to grab attention on store shelves.



The European version adds a colour border as usual and shrinks the main image of the American box, but also incorporates the logo and screenshot from the Japanese box. There are variants of this - the Capcom logo moves to the bottom, the Mattel logo switches to a Nintendo one and the screenshot is substituted with the text 'Take Metro City back from the Mad Gears gang!', but they're all much of a muchness.

Does this blend offer the best of both worlds? That's for you to decide...

That's your Guy-less lot this week. Peruse the options below, click on your favourite and punch that 'Vote' button to register your approval and find out which Final Fighter brings home the bacon:

Which region got the best Final Fight box art?

Ironically, we may return for another Final Fight in the future. For now, feel free to debate the virtues of each brawler below and we'll catch you next time for another bout.