Image: Nintendo UK

You're probably more than aware of his name, and you'll definitely be more than aware of his work, so it seems fitting that Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto is set to be recognised as a Person of Cultural Merit in his home country of Japan.

The Super Mario and Legend of Zelda creator is one of the most famous developers to ever walk Nintendo's sparkling halls, working with the company since 1977. You'll mostly know him thanks to his work on franchises like those mentioned above, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, and more, as well as his brilliant appearances at E3, but he's currently serving as a 'Creative Fellow' at the company, enjoying a role which is a little less hands-on and more directorial.

To be recognised as a Person of Cultural Merit is a substantial award to receive; it's an official Japanese honour which is only awarded once a year. Those who have made outstanding contributions to the country's culture can be selected, with authors, actors and the like usually taking the title, but Miyamoto has become the first from the video game world to find his name among so many greats.

In a translation provided by Cheesemeister, Miyamoto-san has said "I'm thankful that light is being shined upon the genre of games", going on to note that "this is a job where you can't do anything by yourself".

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