Fans of barmy party games, rejoice! Headsnatchers is heading to Nintendo Switch this November.

Supporting up to four players either locally or online, Headsnatchers has players stealing their opponents' heads and causing all sorts of havoc with them from there on out. There are four different game modes and 25 levels to choose from; you'll find some of those waiting for you in the trailer shared above.

There are more than 100 heads you can choose from, all of which seem just as vibrant and bonkers as the last, and you can even make your own with the in-game 'Headitor', a custom head creator. Solo players needn't feel left out, as you can also opt to take on the Zombie Castle in a single-player mode. This mode transforms the mayhem into a spooky platformer, where you'll need to try and become the headmaster of the undead.

No specific release date has been set just yet, so make sure to keep an eye out for more info as we get closer to November.

Do you think this one looks a-head of its time? Or is that trailer giving you a headache? Make sure to head on down to the comments section below.