One of the many new things to discover in Fortnite's brand new Chapter 2 overhaul is the ability to go fishing. With the new fishing rod item, players can find their nearest lake or stretch of river and fling their trusty fishing rod into the water, usually scoring materials, weapons, or health-regenerating fish for their troubles.

Over the last couple of days, there have been rumours and whisperings of a magical, golden fish - one that is so rare that players still hadn't discovered it. It was found thanks to an achievement name being related to it, but with no sightings, players were starting to think it simply hadn't been added into the game yet.

As it happens, though, it really does exist and it can already be found. Reddit user BlakeBenbow stumbled across the item in a sad but rather humorous way, being slaughtered by the thing without even realising it was coming. You see, the Mythic Goldfish can wipe a player out with one hit, even if they have full health and full shield.

So how do you find it? Pure luck by the look of things.