The upcoming game Aladdin and The Lion King isn't your average slapdash re-release. Plenty of care is being taken with these two Disney classics, to ensure they offer the best experience possible for anyone old enough to remember the originals.

In addition to various modern improvements, a rewind and cheat feature, and an explorable museum, Aladdin will include a "final cut" version, which will come with all-new level sections. Digital Eclipse senior producer Stephen Frost spoke about this recently in an email to CNET:

there are some major adjustments that we know fans will be happy to discover, such as the improved camera system, new level sections, additional enemy variations, difficulty tweaks that include boss changes, and improved sword impact

Nighthawk Interactive and Digital Eclipse added this content after consulting the original development team. There's also the Sega Genesis and Game Boy versions to try out, and a trade show demo that hasn't been playable since 1993. Unfortunately, The Lion King hasn't got any new content similar to this because contact with the original developers of this game was supposedly limited.

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