Switch Lite Torchlight II

If you haven't played Torchlight II before, now is the perfect opportunity, as it has just been released on the Switch eShop. In fact, Runic Games – the company originally behind it – was founded by some of the team who previously established Blizzard North and went on to create the Diablo series. As a result, you'll feel right at home with this newer ARPG dungeon crawler if you've played Blizzard's demonic series before.

Panic Button helped out Perfect World Entertainment with the console version of Torchlight II and while it has already tweaked the controls and added in some exclusive pets, there's a chance the Switch version of the game could receive a little extra in attention in the future. Speaking to DualShockers, Panic Button co-owner and technical director Andy Boggs said this update could be in the form of a UI enhancement for Switch Lite users:

Our UI redesign, which would be the biggest thing that [Nintendo Switch Lite] would affect, we had to do that pretty early on, as you can imagine. We didn’t know what the exact specs would be at the time that we did that, but we did know that we wanted to maximize what the UI can look like on these smaller screens. We have had the chance to visualize what that’s going to look like on the smaller handheld. In a patch we may go back, and if users find areas that are too small to read on the smaller screen we would probably look at doing an update for those.

The size of the user interface isn't something developers always seem to nail on the Switch. There have been a number of cases of small illegible text and HUDS in handheld mode, so it's good to hear a patch is already in consideration.

Is there any chance you'll be playing Torchlight II on a Switch Lite later this month? Leave a comment below.

[source dualshockers.com]