We get it, there are an awful lot of people out there who have no clue who Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard is, but we know one thing for certain: he's definitely not a muscular, hunky Pokémon trainer. Right?

Well, it would seem that a fair number of Japanese fans are suggesting - or perhaps even hoping - that this would be a perfectly good fit for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest newcomer. As reported by Kotaku, multiple users have been taking to social media to share art depicting Terry as a Pokémon trainer, and there's even a theory to back up their claims.

In the image below, Ness is being referred to as "youshou-ki", or "childhood"; the Pokémon Trainer is being described as "seinen-ki", or "adolescence"; while good old Terry is listed as "sounen-ki", or "middle-age", suggesting that all three characters are actually the same person at different stages of his life.

Apparently, this has all resulted in Terry being referred to as "muki muki Pokémon toreenaa", which means "brawny Pokémon trainer."

It's a weird world.

[source kotaku.com]