Switch Lite

Last weekend, the Switch Lite was released worldwide. So, how are sales going? On the Japan front, the new system has reportedly sold more than 150,000 units.

According to Media Create, the Lite was estimated to have shifted 114,000 units in its first three days within Nintendo's homeland; however, this has since been updated to an estimate of 160,000 units. The standard Switch also got a "slight" boost – with sales jumping from 52,000 (the week before the Lite's release) to 64,000 in the launch week.

In contrast, data from a Famitsu survey suggests 177,936 Switch Lite consoles have been sold in the first three days within Japan.

According to separate reports, Nintendo shares dipped by an estimated 3.5% during this period, after the Lite fell short of Citi's forecast of 300,000 units in the same amount of time. Nintendo shares are now supposedly "on track for the worst one-day performance" in around eight months. While Media Create’s initial incorrect estimate will have contributed to this stock scare, the fact remains that the Lite has fallen short of Citi’s sales forecast.

The real test for the Lite will be later this year during the holidays. As for the regions outside of Japan, there's no sales data just yet. Nintendo's earnings are expected to be released next month on 31st October and will reveal shipment figures then.

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