We've had the Wii Fit generation and now it looks like Nintendo wants to get into yoga or at least something fitness-related on the Switch. Whatever it is the above video is teasing, it shows a bunch of social gatherings from around the world using elastic-like bands with Joy-Con strapped inside – presumably tracking movement. There's also a Joy-Con tied around each user's leg.

Nintendo says more information will drop next week on 12th September, so we guess we'll find out more about this mysterious device then. The fact it wasn't shown during yesterday's Direct broadcast really only drives home the point this won't be a traditional gaming experience – so, in other words, don't start thinking it's a teaser for a new Star Fox or Mario Kart game.

What are you expecting from this announcement? Would you have been happy to see this in yesterday's Direct presentation? Are you ready to get back into shape? Share your thoughts below.

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