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It's always cool to see other media give little nods to Nintendo games, whether it be someone playing on a DS in a television show or an obscure reference to a Game Boy in retro-inspired films, and the latest has been spotted in the most recent issue of Marvel Team-Up.

The fourth issue of the 2019 run of the comic references Star Fox 64, even going as far as mentioning the N64's Rumble Pak. Captain Marvel starts to talk about Marvel's very own StarFox (also known as Eros), but Ms. Marvel doesn't seem to know who that is. Instead, she talks about the N64 game, saying, "It came with a Rumble Pak, right?"

You can see the page below.

Marvel© Marvel, via GoNintendo

To be fair, we wouldn't be able to hear the words 'Star Fox' without immediately jumping to Mr. McCloud and co., either. Still, it's nice to know that even superheroes love a bit of N64!