Cooking Mama

Animal rights organisation PETA normally makes video game headlines when it calls out a particular title for this or that, but this time it's rather different.

Cooking Mama - a series that has been under fire from the animal rights advocate in the past - has received a "Proggy Award" ("Proggy" translating to "progress") for adding in a vegetarian mode to the upcoming Switch entry, Cooking Mama: Cookstar.

PETA singled out the Cooking Mama series in 2008 when it released a parody game raising awareness about animal abuse within the meat industry. Here's what the Vice President of the organisation had to say about this mode featured in the new game:

Cooking Mama‘s ‘vegetarian mode’ is sure to be a hit with the huge population of gamers who are committed to choosing kindness over cruelty. PETA is honoring Planet Digital Partners for showing other game publishers how to create great games that align with players’ values.


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