Smm2 Cropped

Super Mario Maker 2 doesn't let players upload their levels as a complete in-game world (please, Nintendo?), but that hasn't stopped this player from making their own full game anyway.

Third Strongest Bunny, a Canadian fan of the game who has been making levels since the original Super Mario Maker arrived on Wii U, has created 32 courses designed to be played in order as a complete game. With 32 being the highest number of available uploads to players at present, they've really gone all out to make this as large as it can be.

Dubbed 'Super Mario Maker World: REMIX', the 32-course game actually consists of 16 brand new stages, and 16 stages that have been revamped from a similar 'full-game' release Third Strongest Bunny made for Wii U. We guess that goes some way towards explaining how on Earth someone has managed to create 32 levels that fit together nicely already, but we're still pretty blown away regardless.

If you're interested in trying it out, make sure to check out the courses using the codes below. As we mentioned, the game doesn't feature a way to share multiple levels in a world-like structure officially, so you'll have to go ahead and manually add them all sadly.

Third Strongest Bunny's Maker ID: VKB-RL2-GQF (3rd Bunny)

Course Codes:
Buzzy Basin 1: R64-4Y1-B7G (Slopes, for an actual basin look this time!)
- Buzzy Basin 2: RVL-040-RSF (Minor layout changes, now at night!)
- Buzzy Basin 3: R4H-DQR-QWG (New major course mechanic!)
- Buzzy Bunker: RSY-8WP-5HG (Course layout changes, and a new boss battle!)
- Torte Hills 1: 1KR-B4P-3WF (New theme, and a new entire sub level layout!)
- Torte Hills 2: 344-4S6-YVG (New theme, new mechanic, layout changes!)
- Torte Hills 3: 9WS-KXP-5HG (New theme!)
- Airborne Machinists: PP2-RWR-54G (New course layout & remixed boss fight!)
- Cinnamon Caverns 1: 74F-5ST-QJG (Bug fixes! Yay!)
- Cinnamon Caverns 2: 1W4-0M4-NFF (Almost entirely new, & new mechanics!)
- Cinnamon Caverns 3: MUD-CJT-MWG (Layout revamped, new progression!)
- Cinnamon Castle: 11R-Q6B-VHG (Minor redesign & a remixed boss battle!)
- Blueberry Lagoon 1: PH1-X99-SWF (Brand-New Course!)
- Haunted Waffle House 2: C8G-5SM-K1H (New layout design, with new tricks!)
- Blueberry Lagoon 3: F5J-11G-FKG (Brand-New Course!)
- Blueberry Fortress: TWV-S0N-08G (New theme/version & new mechanics!)
- Fritter Forest 1: 7BQ-G55-0JF (Brand-New Course!)
- Fritter Forest 2: R0T-XRT-4QG (Redone central mechanic, almost new!)
- Fritter Forest 3: 1FF-V4J-HSG (Brand-New Course!)
- Forest Fire Feud: FH9-RYR-MWG (New layout, new enemies, and a new boss!)
- Mount Milkshake 1: K9H-SMK-HFG (Brand-New Course!)
- Mount Milkshake 2: TTW-FBN-HPF (Brand-New Course!)
- Mount Milkshake 3: RB4-R10-77G (Brand-New Course!)
- Milkshake Meltdown: 9HG-3VQ-KXF (Brand-New Course!)
- Sherbet Skies 1: WDN-508-FXG (New world name, new theme & layout!)
- Sherbet Skies 2: TYC-V12-9GG (Brand-New Course!)
- Sherbet Skies 3: YYN-W1P-24G (Original mechanic, remixed into a new course!)
- Skyline Stomp: HQ8-R07-CBG (Brand-New Course & remixed boss battle!)
- Bowser’s Armada 1: FW3-9R8-XQG (Brand-New Course!)
- Bowser’s Armada 2: CD8-3M4-HXF (Brand-New Course!)
- Dread-naught Assault: CNL-4QQ-RRF (Brand-New Course!)
- Bowser’s Dreadnought: H09-YNM-PJF (Brand-New Course, the Finale!)

Image: 3rd Bunny

Not only do we want to check out these levels, but we're now feeling pretty inspired to make our own 32-course game, too. Oh, the possibilities.