This game cropped up on the eShop last week, but covering it is a little tough - you see, we're really not supposed to talk about it. However, if you agree to keep shtum we'll disregard the first two rules of the club and clue you lovely people in on it.

Coming from Italian developer Corvo Studio, Animal Fight Club has you building an army from the finest members of the animal kingdom before heading out to take on all comers in single or multiplayer modes. It appears to have simple hack and slash (or 'gnaw-and-claw', if you will) gameplay where you chip away at opposing armies to find out who rules the roost.

Each animal has strengths and weaknesses against other types as you might expect. The game launched back in April on PC (the above trailer is for that version) and looking at the info on the game's Nintendo website listing, we can see that it also includes a Mission editor enabling you to '"create new missions with custom armies, waves, maps and music!"

It has to be said that the battle environments look a little drab, and the animation is functional rather than fantastic, but the opportunity to combine disparate animals and create strange creatures like a veterinarian Victor Frankenstein sure sounds tempting - we've always wondered how a sharkaroo would do in a fight against a flamingoat.

The game is currently available for a mere $2.59 down from its standard $3.99 (UK folks will have to fork out the full £3.99, though), so if fusing animals like Jeff Goldblum with his machine from The Fly sounds like your sort of fun, you might want to head over to the eShop.

Sure looks goaty to us! Have you played game on PC? What are the weirdest animal concoctions you can come up with? Let us know with a maniacal little comment below.