The Mega Drive Mini is shaping up to be an excellent tribute to Sega's classic 16-bit console, and it's taken many years of sub-standard efforts (and, arguably, the huge success of Nintendo's HDMI-friendly Mini Classic consoles) to get to this point. With M2 taking charge of emulation on this one, Mega Drive / Genesis fans look to be in for a treat when it releases this September.

After revealing the final ten games bundled on the system (plus a couple of surprises), we were then treated to the wonderful sight of the infamous 'Tower of Power' in miniature form. Created by stacking a Mega Drive on a Mega CD and then adding a 32X, a lock-on Sonic & Knuckles-style cartridge and finally a regular cart, it's gone down as a hilarious testament to the 'more is more' mantra of Sega during the 'console wars'. The mini variants shown are purely cosmetic of course, but we want them all the same.

It seems that the Collector's Edition of the console, available now for pre-order on the Japanese Sega store, will also come with a set of 22 framed mini carts to complete the collection. That's a whole lot of 'useless' black plastic and, in many ways, it couldn't be more fitting.

Want that one. Want that one. Want that one...

If you're pondering a pre-order, feel free to check out our guide with all the games and regional differences. Obviously, the cosmetic add-ons aren't essential, but just as baby animals are universally cute, we can't get enough of miniature Mega Drive-related doohickeys. Just look at it!...


Pointless? Undoubtedly. A waste of materials and money? Quite possibly. Do we still want it? Pre-order's already in, mate. Share your thoughts, comments and/or bewilderment below.